Super Natural

Super Natural

Umuora and is a skin care brand that is focused on harnessing the goodness of nature and putting it back into your body. African skin care range for all your skin care needs.


Future Consumerism: Conscious, Waste-Less. We want to challenge you. Introduce you to a new kind of luxury, one you feel good about.


“We want to challenge the perception of African products as ‘second-rate’ to their global counterparts. We want to shun the one-dimensional, limited, stereotypical view of Africa and, rather, shine a light on the immense creativity and diversity of the continent.

Above all, I want to celebrate, and elevate, Africa’s magic”

Lucy McCarthy

Sun Queen

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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What a difference this commitment makes to the clean and kind quality of our finished products.

Through the transparency of our sourcing, we hope to encourage other businesses to make the same decisions we did. With our support, it is our hope that African supply chains will grow in strength and become reliable sources of raw materials for both African and international buyers, while, at the heart of it, empowering and preserving the livelihoods of local communities, and protecting their culture, way of life, and their land.

Elevating Africa’s magic 💫


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Shining a light on Africa’s magic ✨ and the iconic creativity bursting from the continent. Photograph via @francesv.h_mohair and the endless horizons of the sacred and mystical Karoo. ...

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It comes in waves 🌊 #ÙMÛÕRÅ ...

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Treat yourself to our #SuperNaturalSkincare ✨ We love to use our Ascension Body Wash in the shower and add Sacred Drops to our baths.

#ElevatingAfricasMagic #ÙMÛÕRÅ

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In our #ÙMÛÕRÅ eco-system, Everything Matters. ✨ ...

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Get into the flow.
ÙMÛ ÕRÅ colours in Africa ✨

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A gentle sway.

At ÙMÛ we’re constantly pushing ourselves to Evolve.

All products are ever changing and formulated with the latest Green Science. Ensuring they are Super-Gentle and work with your skin, not against it, Sun Kids.

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“Rest has a PR problem!”

This week we listened to a podcast that we suspect might be exactly what you need, to indulge in (and prioritize) some much needed rest this weekend!

As @claudia_hammond_ explains to @drchatterjee, business, burning the midnight oil, and a never ending to-do list has become a badge of honour, with all of us thinking it proves our success and our importance.

But we’ve actually got it all wrong and we need to watch our words, rest daily, and make time for the things that bring us joy.

Link in our Podcasts IG story highlight 😴

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#ÙMÛÕRÅ: Every. Single. Day. ...

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Self Care Sundays ✨ #AsIfByMagic
“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”

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What’s inside ÙMÛ ÕRÅ? We wanted to challenge the norm, break the pattern, and put in the time, effort and investment to create all value in-continent: valuing the farmers as well as the farming processes.

Each supplier has been vetted to meet our standards of sustainability and respect for both people and the planet.

It is our belief that if you want to buy an African ingredient, it should come directly from Africa, not by way of Europe, the USA or Asia.

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Sun seeker ☀️ #NaturesWisdom #ÙMÛÕRÅ ...

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Your skin renews itself every 28 Days. That’s what we call, a Clean Slate. ...

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Why you should not go into Winter without our Wonder Rub? Because there is nothing else like it.
26,6% Actives + Prebiotic
Deeply Nutrient All-Over Body Mask
Ritualistic Body Repair

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Cosmic landscapes 🧂 Photograph by @lo__ihi. ...

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Clean beauty that’s good enough to eat 😉 New week, new opportunity to clean up your routine. ...

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