“Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.”

– Jochen Zeitz

We made sustainability a priority in every choice made — from the sourcing of each ingredient to our packaging — and, doing things consciously, has taken time to create something special: Something we ourselves, have been waiting for.

We are all increasingly aware of the choices we make, in terms of the food we eat, which is evident in the increasing farm-to-table movement. Skin is our Largest Organ and we need to question the products we use, including which ingredients are being absorbed into our skin, and also let out with the bath water…

Sourcing Protocol

With Full Integrity from Source to Batch, Farm to Lab, our Active African Botanicals — sourced sustainably and directly — empower Local Communities across the Continent.

From Morocco to Mozambique, we work with a growing list of local farms, co-operatives and micro-entrepreneurs across the continent. Each supplier has been vetted to meet our standards of sustainability and respect — for both people and the planet.

It’s our belief that if you want to buy an African ingredient, it should come directly from Africa — not by way of Europe, the USA or Asia. It is typical for African ingredients to be grown, harvested and shipped overseas to be processed and then sold back to African companies, with a significant mark up.  We wanted to challenge the norm, break the pattern, and put in the time, effort and investment to create all value in-continent: valuing the farmers as well as the farming processes. Through the transparency of our sourcing, we hope to encourage other businesses to make the same decisions we did. With our support, it is our hope that African supply chains will grow in strength and become reliable sources of raw materials for both African and international buyers, while, at the heart of it, empowering and preserving the livelihoods of local communities, and protecting their culture, way of life, and their land.


Good partnerships are crucial and we pride ourselves on only associating with companies that share our values. Our cardboard is FSC certified and our suppliers have their own recycling program to ensure all off-cuts + waste during Umu Ora production remains in the circular economy, not a landfill. Our boxes are biodegradable and the printing is done with biodegradable ink made from natural vegetable oils (sunseed or rapeseed). A new type of luxury — keeping you + your conscience clean.

Green, yet innovative packaging was one of the toughest aspects in building Umu Ora. We worked with the dream team, who have become the brands creative directors, yet staying true to our promise of sourcing Locally + making it beautiful was challenging.

We aspired to stand out in a space where there is a lot of the same, until now…Glistening white with an Acid SunRise + Midnight Blue copy, we don’t exactly blend in.

We’re Boldly African and Daring Greatly, our time is Now!

We did endless tests and trials to get our colours right and we still face imperfections.  This is difficult to accept.  The fact that our bottles are hand-sprayed means that each one is unique, and we began to wonder if that is something we could celebrate?  In a world where we have come to expect perfection and consistency Umu Ora has challenged us, and will continue to do so.

Recycling our bottles is Super-Easy:


Separate the glass bottle and plastic pump.


Rinse both in the dishwasher, or by hand, with warm soapy water.


Recycle the glass with your wine and beer bottles. Recycle the pump with other plastics.


Feel sustainable AF you little millennial!

Always remember Reduce is the first step in the waste management system. Only buy things that you need, Sun Kids.

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