Our Scent

The Awakening

Best worn bare.

Seasonal + Wild-Harvested + Bio-Adaptive.

Our scent is small batch, wild, and most importantly Seasonal. As every flower, herb, and medicinal plant is unique, our scent differs with every fresh batch of Umu Ora. You may be used to a chemical scent that is manufactured in a lab, this will be consistent year after year. However, the scent of Umu Ora is harvested across Africa and will Grow, Change, and Evolve—as you do.

The Awakening is subtle, and gently woven through the products in different concentrations. Our Body Balm is neutral (no essential oils) in order for the crushed shea butter + baobab to Shine. Our other leave-on products, The Hand Cream + Conditioner are lightly scented, meaning they can work (and not compete with) your perfume — just enough to Transport you Somewhere Special.

A Story / Awakening:

A new morning breaks in Africa, pregnant with promise. Balancing warm sunshine with a breath of fresh air it invigorates, awakens the Spirit and opens Windows in the Mind.

Intrinsically African, made from 7 organic essential oils from Egypt to South Africa, with universal and genderless appeal, our Signature Healing Scent captures a unique moment in Time and Space: of ancient knowing, of belonging; and evokes Nostalgia for a place we all call Home.

Created by a Healer, with the task to unify the vast expanse of Africa from Morocco to Madagascar, Namibia to Nigeria, Sudan to South Africa, our scent is an olfactory experience that reverently links ancient Rituals with the search for Modern Wellness by using essential oils from flowers, herbaceous medicinal plants and resins. It is an echo to the perfect balance found in Nature.

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