Less is More

Our offering is Clear + Concise. We spent 2.5 years making tough decisions to ensure we only offer One product in each category.


— We believe in a simple, less is more approach to skincare (and to life): cutting through the complexity + clutter to include only what you need and what brings you joy.

— We want to take you back to a time when skincare was about caring for your skin, not cluttering your cupboards. Our goal for you (and the planet) reduce the clutter of choice that results in excess spending and waste.

— We Promise to never bombard you with choice. We have created products that can be used in a number of ways—our Conditioner doubles as a Leave-On Mask and our Hand Cream is known to soften and Restore Cuticles. We encourage you to play and discover! Nothing about Umu Ora is serious (except the results and the feeling of using Kind products).

— You will never need a science degree to understand what you’re buying. We make gentle yet effective products that work with your skin, as oppose to irritating and over stimulating it.

— We are Committed and will continue to Simplify what is constituted “Clean Beauty”. Our products are comprised of mostly Plant Based ingredients that are trusted and supported by science, like Modern Medicine is. Umu Ora was created with the intention to provide consumers with a product that is Well-Researched to incorporate the most relevant plants that boost the skin. We did the Science so you don’t have to.

*Reduce is the first step in the waste management cycle, and we do not put a product into the universe without seriously considering if it is necessary.  One of everything—always. Discover Umu Ora

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Less is More

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