About Umu Ora

It is an ancient forgotten Igbo term. With “Umu” translating to “Children” and “Ora” to “(of the) Sun”, Umu Ora is a mythological Igbo term once used to refer to All African People, otherwise known as, Children of the Sun.


Sustainability is the spine of Umu Ora. We use the highest quality African Botanicals, sourced with full traceability from small, Local Communities across the Continent. Our belief if that if you buy an African ingredient, it should come directly from Africa—not by way of Europe, the USA or Middle East.

Our products come in glass (South Africa’s most widely recycled material), all our board is FSC Certified, and our inks are all vegetable based and water soluble (will dissolve in water). We are not perfect, but we promise that we will always be evolving.

We think about the full product journey — spending two years considering the ingredients you use in the shower, and how those make you + your environment feeel.
Nope. We lost faith in certifications, and from outset we chose to be traceable and transparent.
Through the transparency of our sourcing, we hope to encourage other businesses to make the same decisions we did. With our support, it is the hope that African supply chains will grow in strength and become reliable sources of raw materials for both African and international buyers.
No. Is that still allowed?
Summer. Something oily and gooey is going to keep your skin happy + glowing…

About the Products

Our leave-on products include a prebiotic that has been proven to help rebalance the skin’s microbiota (health microflora). The prebiotic is based on inulin extracted from chicory root. It offers the benefit of barrier protection to both skin and scalp. Read more here

The Awakening. Comprised of 7 essential African oils, has been created to open Windows in the mind, while bringing your body back down to Earth. Suitable for sensitive skins + very subtle. Read more here:

African ingredients that skin recognises, accepts and processes for its benefits.
  • No skin-sensitising synthetic preservatives
  • No parabéns, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde (which causes skin irritation and harm the environment)
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No artificial colourants
  • No crude-oil by-products – mineral oil, petroleum (which clog the pores)
  • No irritating foaming agents (increase skin sensitivities)
  • No animal-derived ingredients
  • No palm oil
  • No micro-plastics

Differently. We don’t use any artificial chemical agents, instead we use real Oils and African Botanicals that coat your hair and leave it shining (eternally). The Active ingredients also work to calm and sooth an irritated scalp.

Absolutely not. It is gently woven through the products at different percentages, meaning it can work and not compete with your perfume of aftershave.
The buttery and nutty smell of the active ingredients (Shea Butter + Baobab Oil) is delicious—we aren’t trying to mask or hide any funny chemicals. And wanted a product that could be loved by everyone, and used daily, alone or with your other products.
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