A Letter from Lucy…

The goal with Umu Ora has always been Simple and Straightforward, silencing all the noise, confusion, and clutter that is skincare today. You don’t need a science degree to use our products, they are Super-Natural, Super-Gentle, and Super-Effective.

It all started during my travels to Kenya and Tanzania, I was shocked by the waste in bathrooms—dinky, throw-away plastic bottles—but also the quality inside (some shampoos would turn my long curly locks into an uncontrollable ‘fro for the entire holiday: not a look…) and the overall let-down of an experience that should be the climax of wellness luxe. What upset me even more was seeing French or British brands in five-star African game lodges and hotels, with our rich resources of botanicals and deep pools of talent, there wasn’t an African counterpart to rival the world’s best luxury beauty brands? So, roping in a hot-shot strategist (whom she successfully “sold down the river” with her story and her smile), a world-renowned chemist (who had no idea what he was in for) and a fierce creative team (who literally set the brand on fire), she and…

the Original Sun Kids set about creating a local, global brand — made in Africa, by Africans, for the World.

With a deep compassion for people and the planet, it was important for us to source not only the best raw, seasonal ingredients across Africa, but also to work directly with local farmers and communities. We spent months finding and vetting the best suppliers, and choosing only those whose unparalleled quality of nuts, seeds, plants, fruits and herbs was matched by the sustainability of their farming practices and local community empowerment. As a result, with a rich integrity and an unflinching approach to true sustainability, Umu Ora has full traceability of and transparency with every single ingredient.

It was important to us for the Umu Ora range to be transparent, simple and effective

 — and nearly two years (as opposed to the traditional two months) were spent in labs to prove that Natural Skincare can be both effective and luxurious. We wanted to keep the range simple yet considered: reducing the clutter of choice that results in excess spending and waste, and focused only on creating products that you can’t live without and that bring you joy. We wanted Umu Ora to encourage a little more time as well as some play, and not be so serious: because, after all, looking after yourself is meant to be fun!

Having competed internationally as an athlete in my teens, health and wellness practices — ingrained from a young age — are innate and embedded in Umu Ora. From switching my devices off between 8pm and 8am, and often every weekend; preferring to work in short bursts; taking a day off when I know, I needs one; making time for natural, skincare rituals; and, overall, seeing Self-Care not as a self-chore but essential to being Whole. It is through the small choices and practices — from the Sacred Drops you dab on your wrist, to the Wonder Rub that needs an extra bit of massaging to really sink in, that you can give yourself , daily. small acts of ritual to feel better; look better; live better — in a slower, more awakened, balanced, conscious state of being. An African way of Being.

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